Luxe living for the family.

Attlea is an innovative full service Cabinetry, Millwork and Design company located in Edmonton, AB, and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Attlea is founded on integrity. We are ever changing and improving to always be on top of our game. Every job, no matter the size, is handled with the same quality care and consideration. Because our production is local, we are able to keep our costs competitive with other fully custom shops in Edmonton, even though we can offer much more. If you are currently using our direct competitors, with or without satisfaction, we encourage you to consider contacting Attlea for a free comparison quote. We are confident we can save you time and money, give you a better product for your budget and add peace of mind.

Attlea is Health and Eco Conscious!

We are proud of our quality and integrity in all that we do. Our woodwork is hand crafted and finished with precision by talented hands. All of our standard materials are ECO friendly and sourced out of Canada (and as locally as possible!), we also have VOC free and NAUF options readily available . We are driven by a desire to see health conscious well made goods, sustainable living and an appreciation for delicate craftsmanship. It's time for quality furniture to once again be apart of every Albertan's household. 


Competitively Priced

Attlea is affordable luxury. We are extremely comptetive in our pricing against our competitors. We are able to retain our lower priceing by sourcing and residing locally. Being local in Alberta also means we are able to keep our turnaround times minimal and handle any damaged goods quicker than most. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers appreciate the accessibility and availability of our services whether for design, cabinetry or the combination of both. With fully customizable options our team is able to make anything you can dream into reality and bring out your style to reflect in your home. Read what some of our customer have said about Attlea.