IS Bespoke More Expensive?

If you are comparing low quality box store or custom cabinets with Bespoke than, yes bespoke is more expensive. However, if you've been looking at high end cabinetry you will find that Attlea's bespoke is actually less expensive than our direct competitors! There are a few reasons that this is;

1. We (our design and mill shop)are local. This is the biggest reason! This saves you a ton in shipping costs that you didn't know you were paying with others as well as time and money fixing communication issues and arise for various reasons with larger outfits. 

2. We have a team of professionals to handle every aspect of the job and you dont pay separate fees for anything, we have the option to handle the entire job with our own designers, cabinet makers and professional clean installers. If you've done renovations in the past you will realize just how much this combination accounts for in $$. In fact we also have a list of local renovation companies, trades and people that we trust and work well with to complete the entire renovation if you need.

3. We are small. We are a local, Edmonton small business and we work crazy long hours to put out something that we can call our own and be proud of. We don't have more space than what we need and our show space is limited, keeping our overhead costs minimal.

4. We have so many options that there is pretty much something to fit every budget. We also give you all the prices up front. If there are issues on our end we handle them, you don't get charged for more service calls if something is wrong.